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In 2012 we saw that politics was all divisive, nothing more than unscrupulous exploitation of personal interests while all governmental measures were based on personal and political loyalty. We witnessed the irreversible deterioration of the rule of law, the scary mishandling of the economic crises, the dramatic polarization of our society, and the impoverishment of millions. Due to the government’s and personally our Prime Minister’s, Viktor Orbán’s unacceptable attitude towards the European community and the violation of the European values, Hungary alienated itself from the European community, the community to which – at the milestones of our history – Hungarians always wanted to belong.

We entered the Hungarian political arena in order to be the engine of those essential policy reforms and political attitude changes that Hungary in much need. Our aim was to provide a political home for those who are unsatisfied with the current regime but in addition also critical with the political performance of the previous governments. In other words, we intend to provide a political platform to those who do not only wish to see the end of the current regime but also expect the change of an area too.


Együtt is one of the youngest political formation in Hungarian politics. But even though the party is still so young, we are determined to prove our grounds. Our members and supporters come from very different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: they are committed to be the engine of the change and we refuse to do a U-turn.

In less than 3 years from a grassroots movement we grew into a national political party with active local groups operating in almost all 106 constituencies. At the 2014 general elections we managed to gain 4 seats in the, at the European Election we received enough votes to send a party representative to the European Parliament. And now, after the first local election where our party run, we have around a hundred councilors all over the country, working really hard in the local governments to represent what we as a political community believes.

In brief, we are a young, a relatively small but well organized and active political party that refers to transparency, anti-corruption, progress and solidarity as its core political values.



Együtt is a modern, brave and forward thinking political community that is open to all to join who shares the common values that we do. We are active on all social media platforms and we are quite popular among the young generation. Transparency, anti-corruption, progress and solidarity, these are all at core of our political identity.
We refuse demagogue political attitude. Expertise and competency is our priority, we refuse those harmful public policy proposals, which are unrealistic even though catchy and popular ideas. We are ready to take on conflicts, we prioritize rational professionalism over demagogue narratives. But most importantly Együtt is the far most committed party among all who fights against corruption and the so-called state capture that characterize the Hungarian „illiberal” democracy.
We are proud of the legacy of Hungarian liberty: the concepts of checks and balances, and participatory democracy. We therefore reject the one-party Fundamental Law, which embodies despotism and undermines the rule of law. We will conduct affairs of state based on notions such as the rule of law, predictability, the respect of the civil liberties, and power sharing.
We believe that the cold civil war between Hungarians and Hungarians must stop, and it must stop now. The cold war between the two sides of the country has escalated so dramatically over the past decade and caused harm to both the country and the nation. We need to reach an agreement on the most important national questions, so that one side of the political spectrum does not undo the other’s work every four years.
We believe in a modern and competitive Hungary, which does not fool its citizens into thinking the state can protect them from competition; instead, the state supports citizens to become winners in this competition. Education is the first and foremost tool in this regard.
We are not in favour of a big and costly state, which acts as a warden for its helpless citizens; rather, we envisage an intelligent state, which is partner of its aspiring citizens.
We believe that solidarity is as important as allowing market competition freely operate. We need to care for those who do everything within their power to get ahead in life, or at least create the conditions for their children’s generation to succeed. On the other hand, in our world view, those who are unable to break free from their difficulties should not be dependent upon the compassion and charity of others; we believe that it is both the duty and the interest of the state to help these citizens better their living conditions, and to offer them a new chance.


The Presidency Board consists of 9 members, elected by the general assembly of the party. Our Chairman is Péter Juhász and the two Vice-Chairmen are Nóra Hajdu and Balázs Berkecz.
Chair of Együtt, which party was established in 2013 by former Hungarian Prime Minister, Gordon Bajnai. Leader of The Anticorruption Movement, locally elected representative in the 5th district of Budapest. He is the founder of Milla (One Million People for the Freedom of Press in Hungary) movement. Between 2008 and 2012, he worked as a fieldworker of the TASZ „Roma Project”. Juhász used to work as a presenter in Radio Tilos for 8 years. In Kendermag Association, he acted as a curator for 4 years and acted as a spokesman for 6 years. He also a former member of „I love Hungary” Club. Up until his first political role, he used to work for several cultural and lobby organizations as a contributor. The communication specialist had worked in the financial sector for 10 years prior to helping and representing several social groups became his profession.

Péter Juhász
Chair of Together Party

Vice-Chair of Együtt, covers foreign policy, international affairs and cultural af- fairs. Ms. Hajdu worked as a civil servant for the Hungarian government as director general of the Ministry of Education and Culture (2002-2011). Ms. Hajdu was also a visiting scholar at the American University’s Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies (2001). Ms. Hajdu received a scholar- ship at the Humboldt University in Berlin and worked as a trainee at the German Parliament (1999- 2000). Ms Hajdu has been a lecturer at the Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Social Sciences, In- stitute of Political and International Studies since 2012. Between 2010 and 2012, Ms. Hajdu was the academic director of program „Lobbying“ at the Central European University (CEU), Business School, Budapest. She graduated at the Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, at Law and Political Sciences, and she also holds an MA of Communication Sciences, at the University of Szeged.Budapest.

Nóra Hajdu
Vice-Chair of Together Party

Balázs Berkecz is an urban- and regional development professional, expert on urban planning, master builder of Szigetvár, member of several professional organizations. Berkecz graduated as a municipal engineer and hi is a postgraduate of engineering at University of Pécs. He has been a civil and cultural activist since the age of 16 –played in underground bands, organized concerts and cultural festivals, later he worked as a music journalist. Besides his political pursuits, he also runs a blog about public topics. He has been a member of the presidency of Together party since 2015.

Balázs Berkecz
Vice-Chair of Together Party

He graduated at Corvinus University as a financial economist. Between 2006 and 2010, he was the member of the local government in the 3rd district of Budapest. Later he worked in investment banking.
Besides being a member of the presidency he is the non-representative member of the Municipal Assembly Committee on International Relations and Human Resources. He has been a member of the presidency of Together party since 2015.

Márton Pataki
Member of the Presidency Board

After graduating at Corvinus University she got her masters degree on European integrations at the College of Europe in Belgium. She started her career working for the regional office of World Bank. Her expert field was pension system, budget and social issues. Later she worked at the National Bank on financial regulation field. Spät continued her financial studies at London Business School, she is still working in the financial area.
She is a founding member of Together party, she had not been a member of any other political organizations before. She is responsible of deliverin the party’s policy proposals.
She has two children. She has been a member of the presidency of Together party since 2015.

Judit Spät
Member of the Presidency Board

Szíjj Zsuzsanna Graduated from ELTE, she is a practicing lawyer, being a member of the Budapest Chamber of Lawyers. She also runs two training studios in Budapest. She is a member of Together party since 2013, and she became Vice-presidentof the National Political Council of Together party in 2015.

Szíjj Zsuzsanna
Member of the Presidency Board

He graduated at Eötvös Loránd University as a geographer, he is a senior lecturer at the institute’ s
Faculty of Science. Since 2014, he is been the Member of Parliament of the Csepel-Soroksár district, and member of the Cultural Comittee.

Szabolcs Szabó
Member of the Presidency Board

He has taken part in the local politics since 1994. At first, the programmer mathematician worked as a part-time representative beside his job, later he became, and still is a full time deputy mayor of Szeged. Within town management, his duties are town development, traffic and transport improvement, handling investor- and international relations; he also expresses his views on the upper topics while blogging.
He is a co-founder of the local Együtt-organization, which he is been leading.

Sándor Nagy
Member of the Presidency Board

Viktor Szigetvári was formerly working as a Political Communication Consultant. After the forming of the crises management government in 2009, he served as the Chief of Staff as State Secretary to Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai. Mr. Szigetvári was also the National Campaign Director for the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) in the 2006 and 2010 Electoral Cycle. Earlier, Szigetvári worked with Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy as Communication Director for the Prime Minister’s Office and previously he had served as the Head of Press for the Department of Youth and Sport. He graduated from the Political Science Faculty of the Eötvös Loránd

Viktor Szigetvári
President of the National Political Council

Gábor Kammerer is an environmental engineer. He has been engaged with politics since 1998 in the Hungarian county Hajdú-Bihar, mainly in Debrecen (county town).
He is now the Vice-president of the National Political Council of Together party and he is the non-representative member of Environment and Urban Development Committee in Debrecen.

Gábor Kammerer
Vice-president of the National Political Council

I was born in 1992 in Budafok, a fourth child of my family.
I finishedd elementary school in my “birth district” and got my school-leaving exam in Bárdos Lajos grammar school in Újbuda.
I graduated as a kindegarten pedagogue on University of West Hungary’s Benedek Elek faculty of pedagogy. A have worked in a kindegarten in Budapest since 2015
Future’s generation is important to me because of my profession, too! I want my 3-7 year-old pupils to grow up in a livable country.
I tumbled into the world of politics in 2012, first as a member of Hungarian Solidarity Movement, later as an Együtt member.
I became the president of South-Buda electoral district in 2013.
In 2014, 2015 and I was elected as a member of the Együtt National Political Council. In February 2017 I became on of the vice-presidents of the Council..


György Márk Kóber
Vice-president of the National Political Council